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Dominique D'Artagnan Human by Envy20
Dominique D'Artagnan Human
Humanized Dominique "Madam Red" D'Artagnan, my GMD OC.

The Dinogeddon dress-up game on doll divine belongs to :iconkayliesaurus-rex:

Danielle was sitting on a stool as the Head Matron cleaned the gash on her side, her top and jacket was off so she was only in her bra, socks, skirt and boots. Danielle was holding her hair back and up so that it wouldn't be in the Head Matron's way as the older woman cleaned her wound.

"He cut you pretty deep and if you hadn’t stopped the bleeding, you would have bled to death."

"I do know how to bandage my own wounds…maybe not as good as you but good enough to get me by."

"He missed hitting your vital organs so you should be fine, Danielle."

Both Danielle and the Head Matron looked up when they heard the sound of running."


Lavi slammed open the door with Kanda standing behind him.

"Hey, Elle. I heard you just go-Yowza!

Danielle started to shake; her hands were clenched into fists. 




Danielle doubled over in pain, clutching her side. The Head Matron helped her put her undershirt and coat back on after she bandaged Danielle’s side then she turned and looked at the two eighteen year old boys.

"I don’t want Sakura to yell or get mad, it might reopen her wound so please be kind and gentle with her."

"*tsk*…it’s her short temper that’ll reopen her wound and her lack of control over it." Kanda looked away and crossed his arms over his chest.


"You shouldn’t be talking, Kanda…you also do stupid things that reopens your wounds."


"Who literally had to be held down from attacking Inspector Leverier because she couldn’t control her temper just like a child?"


"And who gets into stupid fights with Allen…just like a child as well?"


"I’m going to enjoy killing you."

"Don’t worry so will I."

"Um…calm down, you two…can’t you two just along just once?" Lavi lifted his hands and went over to the two Exorcists who were giving each other death glares.


Lavi could literally see flames surround the two fighters and their eyes flashed as they looked at Lavi at the same time.

"Shut up or die." Danielle and Kanda both said at the same time, glaring at Lavi.

A sweat drop appeared on the back of his head.

"Well before you two get into another battle of insults, Komui did request our presence in his office."

"I just got back from a mission and almost getting sliced in half and he wants me to go out again?!? Is he some sort of Masochist!?!"

"Sorry, Elle."


"Owie…I have to remember that you hate being called Elle."

Danielle turns on her heel and storms out of the ward, Kanda and Lavi quickly follows when they felt the eyes of the Head Matron on them.

"What does he want?"

"He didn’t say but I think he’ll tell us when we get there," Lavi said as he walked next to Danielle.

Danielle was about to say something but she was cut off when something ran into her, she looks down and sees the newest, and youngest, Exorcist Timothy Hearst.

"Where’s the fire, Timmy?"

"Hey you’re the girl with the big cantaloupes!"


Timothy rubbed the top of his head where she had hit him at.

"Ow! That hurts!"

Danielle grabbed his cheeks in pulled; she still had the throbbing angry vein on her head.

"Is this the mouth that said such a perverted comment to someone older than him, hmm?"

Timothy started to wave his arms around as Danielle stretched his cheeks; both Kanda and Lavi had sweat drops on the back of their heads.

Lavi and Kanda thought, no mercy what so ever even to a kid.

That’s when Emilia appeared around the corner, clearly Timothy was hiding from her but sadly he chose the wrong person to be perverted to…Danielle was utterly heartless towards anyone who is perverted to her. Emilia drew closer just as Kanda placed his hand on Danielle’s wounded side and lightly touched it…which caused Danielle to drop Timothy and Emilia to look at Danielle with open dislike. Lavi noticed this about the same time Danielle did but both had different reactions and thoughts, Lavi was calm and amused while Danielle was confessed and angry.

Uh-oh…looks like someone is jumping to the wrong conclusions.

Did I piss her off somehow and not realize it? Danielle thought for a while then shrugged not her problem then remembering what Kanda did she spun around until they were face to face. 

"That wasn’t really necessary, Kanda."

"We have a meeting to go to, Deyes."

"Yeah I know that, Kanda."


"Graah!" Danielle jerked forward, having had been slapped on the rear by the little monster known as Timothy.


"Nasty little beast!"

"Catch me if you can, cantaloupes girl!"

Danielle ran after him, yelling over her shoulder, "I’ll see you there!" She waved once and took off after Timothy, who was laughing loudly at the young woman who was chasing him wanting to kill him. Emilia was already gone, Lavi hoped that she wasn’t planning to harm Danielle…not that he was worried, Danielle can handle herself just fine. Both boys went to Komui’s office, Marie and Tiedoll were there waiting for them.

"Where’s Danielle?" Komui asked looking at the two late comers.

"Chasing Timothy," Lavi said shrugging his shoulders.

"Good thing that Timothy is also going with you on this mission," Komui said with a grin, which caused both Lavi and Kanda to wonder if that was a good idea.


All five men looked up when they heard that sound and looked towards the door; they can hear Danielle and Timothy.


"I hope that’ll teach you, Timmy! Now you were also requested to meet in Komui’s office?"

"Yes." Was Timothy's sullen reply.

"Come on."

Danielle appeared dragging an unhappy Timothy after her. They stood in front of his desk as well.

"I want to thank you all for coming on such short notice…I have called you here because a mysterious object had appeared over the Nile River in Egypt." He handed them all a file to read along with him as he talked. "What our Finders tell us that are in that area is that it looks just like Noah’s Ark but a light teal color instead with odd symbols in white on its surface…and I want you six to go there and investigate this thing…you are all dismissed and good luck."

"I’ll meet you guys there…see ya!" Danielle said as she turned around and ran off before they can say anything, she found Shade lying outside in wolf form. Danielle had activated him while she was chasing Timothy around HQ. She jumped up on his back and launched into the air, they reached Egypt before the others but she didn’t have to wait that long…Shade was nice enough to go back and get them but by the looks on their faces, he probably wasn’t very gentle with them as he was with her.

"You look a little green, Lavi. You alright?"

They were standing on the banking of the Nile River directly below the large dark cube…they were trying to figure out how to get up there.

"I’m alright…I just can’t believe that you can be fine after traveling like that."

Shade wasn’t gentle with them at all that much was certain, Danielle looks up at the cube.

Timothy looks up at the cube before looking at Danielle and pointing at it, "This is hopeless! How are we supposed to go up there?!"

You've gotta have hope.  Without hope life is meaningless. Without hope life is meaning less and less.

Suddenly a bright light appeared around them, one minute they were on earth the next they were inside. Danielle looked around, there were no buildings…there was nothing but stairs and doorways, and some of those doorways and stairs were placed in places that they wouldn’t typically be at. Apparently whoever created this cube didn't have a grasp on reality like everyone else.

Kanda looked around, "Where are we?"

"I think we’re inside the Ark!" Danielle said as she looked around too.


Kanda and Sakura stood toe to toe, angry and annoyed.

"How’s that possible?"

"I have no idea, Kanda."

Danielle turned around to think about it, How did we get up here? I remember thinking about what Timothy said about it being hopeless…could what I have thought been the key to get inside?</i> Danielle noticed writing on one of the doorways, just above the doorway itself. She walked up to it and looked up, she eyes widens in shock at what she read: “You've gotta have hope.  Without hope life is meaningless.  Without hope life is meaning less and less.” Danielle slapped her palm on her forehead, and mushroom sighed. Of all the passwords that saying had to be that saying, the very saying that my father always quoted to me.

Lavi looks at Danielle, "You alright? You look a little pale, Danielle."

Marie also looks at her and cocks his head to the side, which made Danielle do a inner squee, "And your heart sounds a little funny."

Danielle waves them off and said, "I’m fine…it’s just that I think this saying here is the way to get in but the thing that makes me very uneasy is that it’s the same saying my dad use to tell me."

Danielle rubbed the back of her head and turned around; she noticed the General Tiedoll was standing before another doorway looking at the wall above it. She walks over and stands next to him, the others followed closely behind her, "What’s up, Grandpa?"

Tiedoll pointed up and said, "This Ark is called the Stair Ark…and what a fitting name for it too.

"What?" she said as she lifted an eyebrow quizzically before she 
looked up as did the others and saw words written on the wall, they read: “Welcome, to the Stair Ark.’’ Danielle looks at Shade and he walks through the doorway but instead of coming out of the door way next to them he came out of the doorway below them.

Lavi gaped and said, "That’s crazy!

"So the doorways send you anywhere inside this Ark…how amazing," Tiedoll said cupping his chin in his hand.

Kanda hmphed and said, "This is no time to be amazed! We have to figure a way out of here!"

Marie looks at Kanda patiently, which Danielle would have never done...Kanda annoyed her, "But we have to look around first, Kanda. We don’t know if this is something from the Millennium Earl and the Noah."

"*tsk* Fine! Let’s go!" Kanda snapped out, turning away from them.

Tiedoll smiled at his children and said, "We’ll have to separate…hopefully this Ark will be able to take us teach other if we need help."

As soon as he said “hopefully” something warm shot up from the ground into Danielle’s heart, she winced and rubbed her chest, over her heart. She noticed that Marie had looked at her at the same time that has happened…what was this Ark doing to her, she felt as though the Ark was trying to draw her somewhere, to show her something, and to tell her something but what can it want with her and why did it want her know?

Looks like I will soon find what it wants from me so I better get going, she thought as she turns and walks through a doorway, Shade had melted into her shadow...that was a better way to hide him since no one liked seeing a shadow wolf.

Chapter 2: The Stair Ark.
Chapter 2!!! Yay!! 

DGM characters belong to the owner who I forgot the name of >.>

Danielle belongs to me
Paris, France

Danielle Deyes, now seventeen, stood on a roof of a building in Paris; she was investigating some mysterious events that were happening here. She wore a modified third Exorcist uniform, like Lenalee's. She had made sure that her uniform was covered before venturing outside her hotel room, Danielle’s Exorcist Uniform consists of the jacket and mini skirt, she wore knee high socks and ankle high heeled boots with laces. Her gloves were elbow length and cover her hands but it has opens for her fingers and thumb. Over her uniform she wore a tattered poncho-like black cape, whose collar, reaching up to her lower face and obscuring her face, which has a hood attached to the collar that was drawn up to completely cast her face in shadow. The hood can detach if she was caught, allowing her to run off and attack. Below her neck, secured to it by straps, are three red bow ties, placed one below the other, and linked together by smaller straps.

An attractive young woman, she has long black hair going down to her waist and bangs that reach her chest. She possesses sharp black eyes, that were fixed ahead of her head as she listened for any threats around her. She possessed a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips, which was second reason why she wore the large cape. She would have attracted a lot of unwanted attention if she had came out without her cape. Danielle wears her ears pierced in an avant-garde style, with two identical pairs of hoop earrings on each earlobe and an additional two cuff studs worn vertically on her right ear, above the others.

So's silent.

She heard the sound of nails of stone but she didn't turn around, Danielle knew who it was. Shade stopped next to her, it was taller than Noise Marie by a good few inches but with her being 5'6'', it literally dwarfed her. Shade was in shadow wolf form, tendrils of shadow came off its back and writhed. She placed her hand on the side of its neck, it was solid despite the fact that it was a shadow type Innocence.


Danielle head swirls around to look to the right of her where the scream came from, she jumped up on the railing.

"About time...let's go, Shade!"

She jumps off but she lands on Shade's back after a few minutes of free fall. Sometimes Shade was a little too fast for people to keep track of….even for her as well at times. Shade hit the ground running, the trees and buildings that they ran past was nothing but a blur. 
Shade skids to a stop almost throwing off Danielle but she tightened her thighs against its sides so not be thrown off at that last minute. Danielle looks around and sees the empty clothing of a woman lying just a few feet in front of them; she climbs off with a sigh and walks over to the clothes. There was something that looked like dirt where the head and hands use to be at. 

"Get ready, Shade...the Akuma who attacked her couldn't have gone that far." 

Danielle lifts her hand and swipes it front of her, shadows shot up in front of her and 
just in time to block the blood bullets of the two Level 1 Akuma that shot up from behind the building on her right.

She sensed something coming in at her right; she quickly brings up her hand and blocks the attack of a handsome dark skinned man with a shadow, he wore a dress white shirt, dress black pants, and dress black shoes.  He had long black hair and wears an earring on his left ear…and he had stigma on his forehead, he was from the Noah clan. He had two shuriken blades, one on the right arm and one of the left arm. 

"Who are you? Identify yourself!"

The Noah jumped away and landed above her, standing in midair.

"I'm called Tyki Mikk, the "Pleasure" of the clan of Noah…and what do I call you, little Exorcist?"

"Danielle Deyes, an Exorcist for the Black Order."

Tyki leaned back a little taking in the female Exorcist that stood below him. She looked about eighteen…about 5'6'' in height. He reaches into his pants pocket and pulled out a card, he scanned over and he couldn't help but feel a twinge of relief that her name wasn't on it.
Why should I feel relief? She's my enemy…I should feel disappointment not relief.

Tyki put the card back in his pocket, and floated down until he was before her…in her personal space of course. 

"You're not the one that I have to kill," he said as he leaned forward, his hands in his pockets.

"The Millennium Earl had sent you and your fellow Noah to kill Exorcists and destroy Innocence again, didn't he?!?" Danielle leaned back, not liking him invading her persona; space.

Tyki smirked at her, "Well aren't you a smart and sexy little thing? And here I thought you were all looks and no brains."


Danielle swung a shadow scythe at him, aiming to slice him in half but he had jumped out of the way just in time. Tyki was crouched in midair above her; Danielle glared up at him, her body quivering with her barely controlled short temper.

"Shut up, bastard!"

"Oh, what a short temper."

"I'm not going to let you kill my fellow Exorcists nor will I let you destroy the Innocence…so get ready to fight me, Tyki Mikk!"

Tyki Mikk sighed and stood up, he closed his eyes and scratched the back of his head and when he opened his eyes he saw the blade of her shadow sword coming at him and he barely dodged it, it made a small cut on his cheek. Apparently the shadow could quickly change its shape and not only that it would appear that she had a lot of it…he'll have to watch out for that. Danielle twirled the sword around by its chain then launched it again, this time Tyki was ready for it and he dodged it. Danielle pulled the sword back to her and grabbed its hilt and blocked Tyki's shuriken blade. Danielle pushed Tyki away from her, and tossed the sword up and grabbed the chain and tossed the sword at Tyki, he had no time to dodge so he brought up his shuriken blade and blocked it, and the force behind that blow drove him back a few feet. 

Despite her Innocence's massive form, she is able to control and wield it with a single hand…wait a minute…where is that mechanical wolf?

"So you just realized that Steel Wolf is missing? Don't worry, he won't attack you…he's attacking the Akuma that are hiding around us.</i>

As if a cue, an explosion went off behind her causing her hair to blow over her shoulders...and her skirt and cape to go up. When the explosion dies down, Danielle casually tosses her hair back over her shoulders. Danielle twirls the sword over her head then launched it at Tyki, who knocked it out of the way and rushed towards her. 


Danielle was holding the gash on the left side of her lower body; blood was flowing out of it and hitting the ground.


Damnit…that was too close. If I hadn't dodged that attack at the last minute I would have been cut in half.

"Amazing…you took a wound that bad but kept your grip on your Innocence and are still standing."

Danielle winced as a sharp pain shot through her body from the gash; she felt no pride at Tyki's words only hatred and sadness.

Because of my training I can withstand serious wounds and still fight…I am truly a weapon that Inspector Leverier always tells me that I am.

Danielle grabbed the end of her cape and tore some of it off then she wrapped it around her lower body; it'll have to act as her bandage until she got back to HQ. Shade landed next to her, covered in the blood of Akuma. Danielle looked at him and cocked an eyebrow; he really was a very messy fighter despite the fact that he was made completely out of shadows. Shade noticed the bandage wrapped around her waist and growled at Tyki, the tendrils of shadow writhing more violently now. 

"What an amazing Innocence…parasitic, right?" Tyki looked at Shade, cupping his chin in his hand.

Danielle placed her hand Steel Wolf's shoulder, as he crouched down next to her.

Danielle pets Shade, "That's right…what of it?"

"Just the fact I never seen one that looks like that."

Danielle stroked Shade then let her hand fall; Tyki crossed his arms over his chest as he looks closely at the creature standing next to her. That thing made him uneasy by how it watched him with its amber colored eyes…it was too wolf like for his peace of mind even though it didn't look like a normal wolf, for one thing there was no eyes that he could see. 

Suddenly she lifted her hand and a wall of shadow appeared in front of her blocking the leather straps that had came down from above, both Exorcist and Noah looked up.

"My, my aren't you a clever little thing?~" a voice sang out from the darkness and a level two Akuma stepped out of the darkness, clapping his hands together as he wiggled his hips. The Akuma had a human form and seemed to be cladded in leather, which made Danielle want to leave here ASAP and find whatever it was that she was sent here to look for.

Danielle twitched and blanked at his actions, then she crossed her arms over her chest and mushroom sighed, "Great, a weirdo found one is going to believe me back at HQ when I tell them about this." She turns away and places her hand on her forehead and mushroom sighs again, Shade writhed around her as it kept the Akuma within its invisible tendrils of shadow.

Her actions and comment didn't seem to be taken well by the Akuma because he started to yell at her, an angry tic mark appearing above his head as he pointed his finger at the Exorcist. "Hey! What's with that attitude!?! Shouldn't you act like you're afraid of me or something!?!"

She lifts an eyebrow and said, "Afraid? Nah, more like annoyed and traumatized by you...are you some sort of depraved Akuma? You're outfit leads me to believe that, it is awfully kinky."

"Hey!!" the Akuma yelled at her, getting even more angrier. "You're starting to piss me off, you little hussy!!"

"And now we are entering the realm of insults," she mushroom sighs again. "What are you a woman?"

"Yes!" was the serious response and Danielle did a comical double take.

"You serious?"

"Yes! I was a woman stuck in a man's body!"


"Oh yeah, this has got to be a dream," she murmured rubbing her temples, she could feel a headache coming on and only three people were capable of giving her fast headaches.

"I'll make you wish that it was a dream, girlie! Hi-ya!"

The Akuma's leather straps shot off his body and flew towards Danielle but she was jerked up at the last moment by Shade, who had gathered into a large swirling mass of shadows above them. She looks up at Shade and smiles, "Thanks, ol' buddy." The tendrils around her vibrated softly, its version of a smile.

"That Innocence is annoying!" the Akuma yelled up at her, causing Danielle to look down at him.

"Oh, it just got started on being annoying! Shadow Butterflies!!" She flings her hand out and shadow butterflies fly out of Shade and attack the Akuma, which caused him to run and scream comically and Danielle sweat-dropped at his antics.

He doesn't seem all that threatening but I can never lower my guard around an Akuma...not matter how dumb it may appear...

"Hey, did you just call me an idiot!?!" the Akuma yelled up at her causing Danielle to jerk and stare down at him.

Whoa! Did he hear that!?!

Out-loud she said, "Nope, I said nothing."

"Liar! You totally had a look on your face like you were calling me an idiot!"

"Actually it was dumb but that was close enough."

"Grrr! You're starting to piss me off even more!!"

Danielle got ready for a frontal assault but was surprised when she got attacked from behind, tearing her away from Shade and knocking her to the ground where she was tied up. The straps were wrapped around her arms, tying then together and behind her back. She was forced to her knees and then pressed forward onto the ground, her chest and cheek were pressed against the brick floor underneath her.

Oh gah, what the hell is that smell? She wrinkled her nose in distaste, they really need to clean the alleyways though they probably didn't think that anyone would be pressed down against the floor.

She squirmed a little but the straps tightened around her causing her to gasp and cease her struggles, she could hear the Akuma and Tyki walking towards her.

"Ah, Master Mikk~! I have caught an Exorcist~!" Danielle frowned a little at the Akuma's tone, which sounded like how a woman would talk to a man that they like or something. Black shoes appeared in her line of vision and she followed them up to a pair of black slacks, a black coat and then up into the face of Tyki.

He was looking down at her and when he saw that she was looking at her, he smiled at her and crouched down next to her. That didn't make her comfortable because of the position that she was in but there wasn't much that she could do expect glare at them both.

"Heh, that's quiet a look you are giving us even though you are tied up in such a position, little Exorcist," the Noah said as he braced his elbow on his leg and cupped his chin in the palm of his hand.

"Che, why don't you have your Akuma untie me so I can back up my look, Tyki," she snapped at him, she could feel Shade writhing close by but it didn't want to act on its own. If the creepy stalker found out that her Innocence could move on its own then who knows what he would do to her.

The Noah laughed and reached down with his free hand to fiddle with her hair, twirling it between his index finger and thumb. Danielle bristled at that and glared at him, she didn't like people touching her hair something that the Noah must have sensed because he pauses and stares down at her before smirking and lifting her hair to his lips.

"Mmm, so soft..." he whispered before releasing her hair and standing up.

"So creepy..." she murmured glaring at him.

He simply laughed at her comment before nodding towards the Akuma, who tightened the straps that were around her.

"Gah..." she winces and squirms again, trying to break through the straps that imprisoned her but just as her airway was beginning to close but then they slide away and she fell back, coughing.

"Looks I have continue this battle some other time…since that parasitic Innocence of Danielle Deyes is something I have never seen or heard of before. I better report it to the Millennium Earl."

Tyki bows towards Danielle with a flirtatious smile of his face, Danielle immediately tenses still rubbing her throat…she really couldn't help since she lives with a pervert. 

"I am terribly sorry but let's continue our little fight some other day, my dear sweet Danielle."

And with that he and the kinky Akuma disappears, leaving a shock Danielle and an equal shocked Shade standing there. 

Well that was totally unexpected and suspicious…why did he leave?

Danielle looks up at Shade, wondering if it was because of him that Tyki Mikk had wanted to stop fighting and continue another day. 

well I better go back and tell the Chief…this is way more important than Innocence…and I haven't seen any mysterious phenomenon happening while I was here so that was a total waste of my damn time.

She climbed on Shade's back, as soon as she was safely on his back. Shade launched up into the air and because he was so fast, they reached HQ within a few seconds. Danielle climbed off his back and looked at the new HQ, she wasn't here when the Akuma attacked the old HQ…she was on a mission during that sad day. Shade, ever sensitive to his Accommodator's mood, nudged her chest with his nose, whining. Danielle smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, hugging him.

"It's alright…I'm alright."

Danielle and Shade headed towards Chief Komui's office, as she walked she snapped her fingers and Shade dissolved and went into her shadow. Danielle walked into the office but stops when she sees Komui sleeping. Something about that made her very annoyed and angry.


She continued walking in, as she walked in she grabbed an insanely thick book.


"Ow! That hurts, Danielle!" 


Komui had a nice size bump on his head, and Danielle felt a lot better after doing that. She lowered her arm and placed her hand on her hip as she looked down at Komui.

"I met Tyki Mikk from the clan of Noah in Paris…we fought for a while but after he saw Steel Wolf he left and there was no Innocence in Paris either."

Komui looked at her waist and finally saw the bandage, when she hit him with the book had made the wound bleed some more and it was dripping onto the floor beneath her.

"Go to the ward at once, you're bleeding heavily!"

Danielle just looked at the wound and shrugged; she turned around and walked out of the office, leaving a trail of blood in her wake. Komui leaned back in his chair and covered his eyes with his hand, as though in deep thought but one tear slide down his cheek and hang at his chin before falling and hitting the papers that was scattered on his desk.


Chapter.1: Exorcist vs Noah.
The first chapter to my DGM fanfic! Yay!! *dances* 

Need to redo the Prologue *goes and fixes*

A ten year old Danielle Deyes rolled over in bed and rubbed her eyes, yawning. That dripping sound had woken her up from her slumber; she swung her legs off her bed and slide down. Danielle shivered a little as her bare feet touched the cold floor and she walked to her door and opened it, she walked out and silently closed the door behind her. First she looked in the kitchen, nope the dripping sound wasn't coming from there then she checked the bathroom, not from there either. As she walked out of the bathroom to head towards her room to go back to sleep she heard the dripping sound again but it was coming from her parent's room.

Why is that dripping sound in mommy and daddy's room?

She walked over and pushed open the door, and what she saw was sure to be forever sketched in her memories. Her mommy and daddy were lying in a pool of blood with two scary monsters standing over them, and they were looking at her now. Danielle slammed the door and take off running through the house, and ran outside as fast as her legs could take her. Danielle ran into the forest and soon got lost but she still hears the monsters looking for her.  She crouched behind a pile of logs, and tried to calm her frantically beating heart. As the monsters drew closer, she could hear their conversation.

"Where is that brat?"

"You lost it?"

"Don't act like it's my fault, pal. You lost her too."

Danielle brought her knees up to her chest; she wrapped her arms around her knees and buried her face into her knees. Her shoulders quivered as she fought against the tears that were threatening to spill.

Help me…please.

Suddenly a blinding light surrounds her, Danielle instinctively covered her eyes so not to be blinded by it but as soon as it appeared it disappeared and standing next to her was a mass of writhing shadows then it took the form of a wolf. The shadow creature shook itself then stretched, yawning and finally looked down at her. It lowered its head down and nudged her with its nose, which was surprisingly warm and soft.

"Over there!"

Danielle flinched when she heard the first monster shout.

"So she had the Innocence…destroy the Innocence and kill the girl!"

The shadow growled then launched itself at them, its teeth gleaming in the moon light. Danielle curled into a tight ball and covered her ears, trying to block out the sounds of gun fire. Then it was silent expect for the footsteps that was heading towards her, she flinched when she felt something nudge her back. Danielle looked up and saw the wolf standing there; she sat up quickly and looked up at it in awe and wonder. Both girl and wolf stared at each other until the wolf looked up with a growl she heard a man's voice speak from behind her.

"Easy, I mean you and your Accommodator no harm."

Danielle stands up and looks behind her, she sees a man standing there wearing some funny looking clothes.

"Hello, girl. What's your name?"

"Danielle Deyes."

The man walks over and kneels down in front of her; he places his hand on top of her head and ruffles her chin length black hair as he stares into her black eyes.

"I'm Froi Tiedoll and I'm an Exorcist."

"An Exorcist?" Danielle cocks her head to the side as she stares at him.

"Yes just like you, Danielle."


"That's right. Why else would this Anti-Akuma weapon appear when Akuma were around?"

Danielle looked at the wolf behind her, she reached up with her right down and the wolf lowered its head down. She touched its muzzle and stroked the muzzle, it was soft and warm as though it was covered in fur.

"Anti-Akuma weapon? Akuma?"

"That's right. Now why don't you come with you and I'll take you to your new home, what do you say Danielle?

Danielle looks back at Tiedoll then she looks in the direction of her house.

"My parents are dead…I'll go with you and become an Exorcist."

Tiedoll smiled at her and stood up, he held out his hand towards her. Danielle placed her hand in his and together they walked away from her old life and into her new life.
Prologue: End and Beginning.
The Prologue to my new DGM Fanfic, this scene happens later on in the story when Allen left the Order and Danielle was sent after him.

I dunno who Danielle should like, might have her go for Tyki...maybe, I dunno xD

Danielle belongs to me
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