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(The picture above says: R.I.P. Tyki's fabulous long hair, we'll miss you! 2004-2011)

my other accounts are :iconmandogirl22: :iconsslover232: :icontrlover2324: and :iconkennera:

:iconangelgirl121: is my twin sister

Hello, i'm a anime fangirl...and only recently became an asian pop music fangirl.

Though my first love is anything Sci-fi, like Star Wars for example.

here's a list of anime guys that i like:

Yu Kanda~D Gray Man.
Byakuya Kuchiki~Bleach.
Reno~Final Fantasy Advent Children.
Masamune Date~Sengoku Basara.
Roy Mustang~Fullmetal Alchemist.
Leon Garcia Dandelion Asturias~Trinity Blood.
Sebastian Michaelis~Black Butler.
Hiei~Yu Yu Hakusho.
Ban Mido~Get-Backers.
Yuri Shibuya~kyou kara maoh.
Kijin Kou~Saiunkoku.
Toga Yagari~Vampire Knight.…
Korean Bands:

Current Residence: In a Barn
Favourite genre of music: all genre.
Favourite cartoon character: Tom Cat
Personal Quote: I'm not crazy; my reality is just different than yours.
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I'm stuck on my Arslan Senki fanfic, chapter 7 when Ravenna is still captured by Hermes I have like a 2 and a half paragraph written but now I can't think of anythingonion sad 

Grrrrrrrr! I hate it when this happens!!!!!I Hate You Computer..Onion it always happens when I am going strong on a story and then it just dies off Drop sonofa....this sucks Bad Augury..Onion 

Hopefully it comes back and if it doesn't then I will re-read the manga by Hiromu! That or watch the anime 

Journal History


If you haven't read the latest chapter of Magi then don't read this because there's spoilers about how the three Ren brothers look now!!

Kayami covers her mouth with her hands as tears welled up in her eyes as she took in the man that stood before her, he had had his brothers but she couldn't take her eyes off him.

She dimly heard Aaltja and Kashira letting out yells of happiness and saw them from the corner of her eyes, running past her to embrace the two other men with tears streaming down their faces. Kouha was no longer short, he was able to pick Aaltja up and spin her around laughing along with her. Koumei didn't look weak like he used to and as Kashira hugged him, Kayami could see the strength in his arms. Kayami looked back at Kouen and slowly started to walk over to him, he had a wooden arm and leg and used a cane to help him walk. He looked older with his wrinkles but she could tell that he was still the same man.

Kayami stops in front of him and lowers her hands, she slowly reaches out and grips his sleeves as she looks up at him. 

"Are you real? And not some illusion that life would so cruel show me?" 

His brothers were real, they were alive when she had last seen them...alive but banned. But Kouen was executed in front of everyone.

Kouen lifts his hand and roughly pats Kayami on the head with a faint smile on his lips, "Does this feel like an illusion to you?"

She could fee the warmth and scars that were on his hands from years of using the sword.

"'re real and alive," Kayami sniffled and wiped her tears away as she moves closed and buries her face into his chest. "I thought you were dead..." There was so much she wanted to say but she couldn't get the words out, all she could do was cry. 

After a few tense, silent seconds Kouen gently wrapped his arms around her one hand cupping the back of her head and the other was making soothing circles on her back. Kayami had a feeling that Kouha and Koumei had been staring at their older brother...they had done it before when they were kids.

"I'm so happy to see you, Kouha," Aaltja said smiling up at Kouha, she didn't know if she liked looking up at him or not but she would get over it as long as he stayed with her.

Kouha smiles and says, "I am happy to see you too...I missed you."

Aaltja blushes at that and starts to fidget a bit.

Kashira smiles at that scene before she looks away and back at Koumei, "You look good...I almost didn't recognize you."

Koumei rubbed the back of his head and said, "Yeah...Alibaba said something similar."

The tanned skin woman hugs him once more and whispers, "I hope that you and your brothers never leave us again..."

Kouen or brothers don't respond to Kashira's words instead they hug the girls that they love to them, trying to ease the pain of their separation and death...something that the three brothers silently promised to never put them through again because they didn't like to see these three strong girls break down into tears.
Short one shot, read the latest chapter of Magi and had to write a response.

Hey, :iconkannaasa: let's see how you write it, a different version of their reunion with the Ren brothers :D

Aaltja belongs to :iconkannaasa:

Kashira and Kayami belongs to me
It's been several weeks since her beating at the hands of Boudin and his priest, her back had healed somewhat so she was able to walk about but Lord Silver Mask didn't want her to leave the watchful eyes of him or his two men so she was only allowed to walk when they were around. Ravenna stayed in Lord Silver Mask's room mostly when he wasn't around with either Zand or Sam standing outside the door, the kindly old woman who had been healing her back comes to visit her a lot because she was worried about the blind woman being alone with three men...something that didn't amuse Zand or Lord Silver Mask but Sam and Ravenna were amused by it.

At the moment, Ravenna was sitting in Lord Silver Mask's bed propped up against a stack of pillows wearing a black sleeping gown...which felt like silk. She had the bottom half her black hair braided, the end was tied by a black silk ribbon. In her lap was a piece of twine that she kept making into knots, she couldn't read or write because she couldn't see.

When will he return? Ravenna thought. And when will I be saved?

She 'looks' towards the window and thinks about the friends that she had made in Prince Arslan's least she likes to think they were friends given that she wasn't with them for very long.

Around noon, Lord Silver Mask returned, much Ravenna's happiness because she was running out of twine to make knots out of. And the masked man was gratefully that she couldn't see...

Ravenna was eating a meal with Lord Silver Mask, she had to trust her sense of smell and taste when it came to knowing what was served to her. She picked up a grape and slipped it between her lips, she chews and swallows the round fruit. 

"You are too trusting...."

"Hm?" Ravenna looked up when she heard Lord Silver Mask's voice.

"You are eating food prepared for you by enemy hands...."

Ravenna picks up another grape and rolls it between her fingers as she says, "You wouldn't ordered my food poison, my don't want to kill me otherwise you wouldn't be able to use me as bait." She pops it into her mouth, chews then swallows it.

"Yes but I can starve you...have you thought about that?"

The woman in black was silent, even though she only had on an undershirt and her thigh-high socks that reveal her heels and toes she still had that air of class and elegance to her and she acted like she wore armor instead of so little clothing. Finally she speaks, "That is true as well, my Lord but you won't...none of my friends would like it if they saw me so unhealthy looking, in fact I can say that they will try to kill you.." She reaches towards the goblet that was filled with water, slowly so that she didn't knock it over.

Lord Silver Mask watched her, she moved as though she was trained by royalty but it could be because she traveled a lot (she had hinted that she had stayed in a palace once before but had to leave when the King wanted to add her to his harem of wives) so there was no way that this woman who could fight as good as any man could be a princess....and if she was, she didn't remember where she was from (something else she had hinted at).

"Why are you staring at me?" Ravenna suddenly asked.

Silver Mask picked up his own goblet, which was filled with wine, and said, "Why do you think I am staring at you?"

Ravenna 'looked' at him and lifted an eyebrow, "Really? I can feel it when someone is staring at hair raises on my arms and my skin tingles." She picks up another grape and sits back in her seat as she rolls the grape over her lips over slipping it into her mouth, chewing then swallowing. "So why are you staring at me, my Lord?"

"Wondering who you were before you lost your memory," Lord Silver Mask said.

"Ah, of have a woman before you that you have no idea who she was...outside the fact that she is beautiful and a skilled fighter," Ravenna gave him a cheeky smile and wink. "As for who I was, I have no idea...and why dwell on it? My memory will return in it's own time and if it doesn't, oh well I will continue on as I had been." She shrugged her shoulder towards the end of her sentence. "Is it okay if I can ask for your name? It feels weird to call you 'Silver Mask' when we are alone like this."

It was true, they were alone...he had chased off the servants and guards as soon as the food was brought over to them. That told Ravenna that this Lord Silver Mask could defend himself from any would-be attackers, according to Daryun and Narsus Lord Silver Mask is a skilled swordsman able to fight them on equal ground.

Lord Silver Mask is silent, she knew he was still there because she could hear his breathing and movement before he finally says, "Hilmes..."

"Hilmes...thank you, you can call me by name when we are alone too," Ravenna said. "Instead of 'woman' and 'prisoner' like you do when we have an audience." She smiles at him.

"You don't treat me like you do the others," Hermes said.

Ravenna hummed before she said, "The Lusitanians talk good but their actions speak louder then words, they are monsters and liars...and that Archpriest is a bully, any one who can torture any tied person in order to convert them isn't allowed to call himself a follower of God. All that shows me is that he is a coward, he probably won't be able to fight against any one who isn't tied up and healthy."

"Someone like you?" Hermes asked.

Ravenna blinks at him then she smiles, "Well, maybe...but only if he attacks first than I could say it was self-defense."

Hermes smirks at that, "Is that why you keep pushing him to anger?"

"Yes...well that's part of it," Ravenna said with a one shoulder shrug. "But mainly I just like to anger men like him, they allow their anger to cloud their judgement sometimes." She takes a sip of her water before she puts it down. "I am done so let's return to my new cell before the Lusitanians get suspicious on why you have me out so long."

Not that they weren't suspicious already given that she was kept in his room at all times since that beating.

Hilmes stands up and reaches down to help her up, Ravenna slowly reaches up and places her hand in his so that she allows him to help her to her feet. Then they start to walk back to his room but before they leave the private area, she pulls him to a stop and Hilmes looks down at her.

"What is it?"

"Can I touch your face?" Ravenna bluntly asked 'looking' up at him.

Hermes was surprised by her question, "Why?"

She lifts her hands, wiggling her fingers at him, and says, "Because I 'see' by touch now and I would like to know what you look like..."

"I am scarred, burnt...ugly, Ravenna...there's nothing to see here and no woman has been able to look at me in the face when I show this scar," Hilmes said.

Ravenna tilts her head to the side as she slowly raises her hands to his face, "You seem to forget that I am blind...I can't see. And let me be the judge of that, Hilmes..." Then her hands touched his face, they were soft despite the fact that she knew how to fight...most likely why she wore gloves, he remembered her having gloves when he saw her for the first time. She closes her eyes as she feels his facial features then she slowly pulls off his mask, she could feel him tense under her hands. 

"Shh...I felt your mask when we first meet, Hermes..." Ravenna whispered as she glides her hands upwards until her finger tips come to the right side of his face, she could feel the twisted and rough feeling of burnt flesh but her other hand felt smooth skin. She lowers her hand and Hilmes puts his mask back on.

"Did you find me ugly, woman?" Hilmes spat out.

Ravenna 'stares' at him and said, "'re very handsome, we can head back to the room."

Hilmes was silent, he didn't know what to say to her and if he did know what to say he didn't want to chase her away so he kept his mouth shut and lead her away back to her post. 

She was an odd woman, she didn't show any fear to him or disgust when she touched his face and felt his burned face. Her actions that she made every time she saw him make it hard for him to even want to use her as bait in order to get that little bastard...he wanted to keep her, to have her loyal to him and him alone just how she was loyal to Arslan.
Chapter 8
Prince Arslan fanfic...finally finished chapter 8, sorry if it's short wanted to do another Hilmes and Ravenna...might have her learn about his attraction to blind women in the next chapter ;)

:iconkannaasa: I am still alive!!

Ravenna is the only one that I own.
Fireworks flew into the air and exploded as the Ren siblings and their servants watched the display, they were celebrating the Ki New Year much to the shock of everyone in the Kou Empire because since Kayami had been here no such celebration and Kouen quite out of the blue had allowed Kayami to set this up.

"So pretty!" Aaltja said with a huge smile.

Kougyoku and Kashira nods in agreement.

Kayami smiles and says, "Thanks~. Though it's all thanks for Kouen that this celebration could even happen."

Said man glances over at the mention of his name before he looks away, ignoring the smirks that Kouha and Judar were shooting his way. 

Kashira smiles and says, "It's really you always throw such large parties every new year, Kaya?"

"Mmhmm, and everyone makes a promise to do either not do something or do something until the next year comes," Kayami explains. "And I am going to promise that I will not start any fights with Aaltja!"

Kouen doubted that promise would last for very long since it was Kayami that was saying it...there were some promises she couldn't keep.

Aaltja turns and says, "Let's find more of those meat buns...they were really good!"

Kayami smiles as she and the other two girls follow after the blonde haired girl, with the guys trailing after them. They didn't hear what the girls were talking about but they did see Aaltja lift her hammer and goes to hit Kayami with it but Kayami was too quick for that, she was already running away.

"That didn't take long..." Koumei said.

"Of course not, it was Kayami that was saying it," Kouen said with a heavy sigh.

Kouha laughed at that and said, "Let's face it, would have been boring if she did follow up with that promise~."

Judar was grateful that his girl wasn't like those two lunatics and so was Koumei...both boys didn't know how the other two even handled them given Kayami's and Aaltja's destructive natures though Kouen had shipped both girls to Sindria to get them out of his hair....Kouen will never admit it but he was worried that Sinbad would steal Kayami from him and Aaltja would be the only one that returned but he was happy (something he kept hidden) when he saw the Ki warrior with her.

Koumei watched as Kashira and Kougyoku tried to calm Kayami and Aaltja down...not destroy anything else. 
Ki New Year
Short one shot featuring the Kou Empire.

Now what did Kayami say to Aaltja to get that sort of reaction out of her? Had to do with Kouha :P and we all knew that Kayami wasn't going to keep that promise about not fighting with would have been impossible to keep given how she likes to harass the blonde haired girl :P

I will go back and add more it later ^^

Aaltja belongs to :iconkannaasa:

Kayami and Kashira belongs to me

Magi belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka
Ravenna wake to the sound of birds chirping and the warmth of the sun of her skin, she yawned hugely...she didn't even try to stretch, not when she was chained to a post. So she settled on arching her back with her head resting against the post, she felt her bones crack and her muscles stretch before she relaxed and sat back down her legs.

She tilts her head back once again, 'looking' up at the sky and sighing heavily. She wiggles her wrists around but stops when she feels the cool metal of the cuffs starting to cut into her skin, she could feel the blood trickling down her arms.

Well so much for that...I don't want to injure myself too much otherwise I wouldn't be able to defend myself against that mad priest, Ravenna thought as she goes limp.

Ravenna twitched when she heard angry shouts and lifted her head, she had a bad feeling about those shouts.

"We're here to take the heathen woman! Out of our way!"

Damn...looks like my gut feeling was right, looks like Boudin wasn't done with me just yet
, Ravenna thought making sure to keep her expression blank but inward, she was smirking. How predictable~.

She sensed the mad priest's men stop in front of her and then she felt them undoing her chains before they roughly hauled her to her feet. She winced as she felt her legs quiver, they were numb still she had been sleeping on them after all. But sadly her...escorts didn't seem to care as they started to haul her away, Ravenna was forced to walk in order to keep up with them or else she will get dragged.

Ravenna didn't know how long they walked but she sensed the air around her change, she felt the tension. She felt herself being dragged forward then she was slammed into something hard and circular....another post. The guards attached metal cuffs on her wrists before they lifted her arms and she heard the jiggling of chains, she noticed that her back was exposed to the men behind her.

Not a position that I want to be in with these lunatics, Ravenna thought. But I don't got a choice in the matter.... She heard footsteps walking towards her.

"Did you think that you were safe with that man's protection?" Boudin asked. "No one can protect a heathen like you from God!"

Ravenna chuckled and said, "Oh really? I thought he was doing just fine...after all you, like the roaches you are, waited until Lord Silver Mask left before you made your move."


She jerked her body forward when she felt the sting of the whip on her back, ripping the fabric of her undershirt. 

"You're not going to scream out, heathen?" Boudin said.

"Heh, you think those weak hits could make me scream?" Ravenna said. "Please, you'll have to try better than that..."


Ravenna gritted her teeth to stop herself from screaming. She would not give this monster the satisfaction of her screaming.

Boudin tsked then tosses the whip to a Lusitanian soldier and said, "Break the skin...this heathen won't repent until she is bleeding from her torn skin." She heard Boudin walk away and heard the soldier's clothing move as he lifted his arm then brought his arm down.


Now she felt blood sliding down her back, she quivered from the hidden pain and clenched her eyes shut as she bite her lower lip hard enough to break the skin causing blood to well up and slide down her chin.


Ravenna gripped onto the post with her nails as her body jerked and spasmed from the whip cracks, she silently prayed that Daryun and the others were on their way to save her...why she thought of Daryun first was unknown for the time being but he made her feel safe.

Daryun was staring intently at Ecbatana, his hand gripping the hilt of his sword tightly. Narsus was watching him before he places his hand gently on his shoulder and said, "Relax, Daryun...she was taken for a reason."

The black knight looked at his friend and said, "But why take her? She hadn't been with us for very long so she wouldn't have that much value."

"True but they know that Prince Arslan is kind hearted and plan to use it against him, His Highness cares about those who serve him...not matter how long they had been with him," Narsus explained.

"That's true," Daryun said with a heavy sigh. "So how are we going to save her?"

"For now we wait and watch," Narsus said. "After all, the prince had left saving his Raven Lady to us and we must not let him down."

Daryun and Narsus lapsed into silence and went back to watching the captured capital.

Ravenna was panting heavily, sweat and blood covered her body but none more so than her back which was a torn, bloody mess.

The soldier who was whipping her tsked and tossed the whip to the ground in disgust, "This woman is matter how hard I whipped her she refused to scream out."

"So this is where my prisoner was at."

She sensed the soldiers jerk in surprise and shock before they spun around to confront Lord Silver Mask...who apparently had came back earlier than had been expected.

Ravenna slowly turned her head and panted out, "Hey, Lord Silver Mask...what took you so long to rescue me? So Knight in Shinning armor you are..." She gritted her teeth as a wave of pain tore through her body.

"......." Lord Silver Mask was silent for a few minutes. "Zand...cut those chains and bring her to my room."

"Yes, Lord Silver Mask." Ravenna heard Zand walking towards her, she heard him unsheathing his sword and then she heard the sound of metal cutting metal. When she started to collapse, she felt Zand's arms catch her, she felt his cloak wrapping around her, one arm going under her knees while the other one gently and carefully was placed on her wounded back. Ravenna was grateful to him even though he was the one who had stolen her away but he couldn't be all bad, he did cover her after all.

"Sam...cover our backs," Lord Silver Mask as he started to walk away.

"Yes, Lord Silver Mask."

Ravenna then felt Zand start to walk and heard the other two men walking away, Lord Silver Mask in front of her and Sam behind her.

 "Sam, when we get to my room, call for the healer," Lord Silver Mask said. "I want her back looked at."

"Yes, my lord." Sam said and Ravenna felt his eyes on her but she slowly closed her eyes and focused on keeping the pain at bay. She didn't know how long they walked but she heard a door opening then when they all walked in, she heard it closing behind them. Then she felt Zand carrying her somewhere, most likely to the bed and sure enough she felt the softness of the bed as Zand gently maneuvered her to rest on her stomach, she sensed him move away and then she sensed Sam come forward.

"I have to cut off your shirt," Sam said. "Otherwise it'll stick to your wounds and be painful when the healer removes."

Ravenna smiles painfully and said, "You didn't need to ask...just do it." Then she felt Sam cut off the remaining of her undershirt and toss it away then he rises the blanket until it covers her hips.

The door opened and she heard the soft footsteps and the whooshing of a robe then a older woman's voice said, "So this is my patient? Those Lusitanians sure didn't hold back...poor thing." She felt the bed dip and a soft, wrinkly hand brushing over her hair. "And not only that, she's also blind."

Sam's voice was surprised as he said, "You can tell?"

"I can tell just by looking at her eyes," the healer said. "Now I will take a look at her wounds, please be silent and turn around....I have to make sure that her front wasn't hit as well." Then the healer went to work, Ravenna felt her touch and prod her body but the only place that was wounded was her back so she started to clean the wounds and put something that stung.

She hissed in pain and tensed.

"Shhh, shhhh...I know it hurts but I am almost done," the healer murmured as she finished putting the last of the cool, sting medicine on her back before she started to place bandages on it. "There...all done, now rest and gather your'll need it." She stands up and starts to pack up her things. "You should keep her here while she heals...and make sure you leave guards that won't be scared away by those monster who called themselves 'priests'."

And with that the healer leaves, Ravenna sighs heavily and said, "I hate that man...he's a coward who was waiting for me to be without you hovering near by." 

"I don't hover," Silver Mask's voice came from near her left shoulder.

Ravenna chuckles and said, "Right...and relax, Zand I am only joking." She yawns hugely. "Sorry, my lords but I am tired...being beaten takes a lot of a person." 

And then she was fast asleep, breathing softly.

"Whoa...that was quick," Zand said staring at her in surprise.

Sam smiles softly as he stares down at her and said, "It's amazing that she can sleep with enemies all around her and when she's so vulnerable."

Lord Silver Mask turns and says, "Let's go...Zand, stay outside the door and send for me when she wakes up." Zand bows as Lord Silver Mask and his men walk out of the room, leaving the sleeping woman to rest and gather her strength.

Chapter 7
Boudin is a monster....he chickened out after the first hit and had his flunkies hit her. And once again, Hermes comes to her rescue ^^ 

And Daryun and Narsus makes an appearance ^^

Ravenna is the only one that belongs to me.
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I'm stuck on my Arslan Senki fanfic, chapter 7 when Ravenna is still captured by Hermes I have like a 2 and a half paragraph written but now I can't think of anythingonion sad 

Grrrrrrrr! I hate it when this happens!!!!!I Hate You Computer..Onion it always happens when I am going strong on a story and then it just dies off Drop sonofa....this sucks Bad Augury..Onion 

Hopefully it comes back and if it doesn't then I will re-read the manga by Hiromu! That or watch the anime 

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