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Amanda Reta
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(The picture above says: R.I.P. Tyki's fabulous long hair, we'll miss you! 2004-2011)

my other accounts are :iconmandogirl22: :iconsslover232: :icontrlover2324: and :iconkennera:

:iconangelgirl121: is my twin sister

Hello, i'm a anime fangirl...and only recently became an asian pop music fangirl.

Though my first love is anything Sci-fi, like Star Wars for example.

here's a list of anime guys that i like:

Yu Kanda~D Gray Man.
Byakuya Kuchiki~Bleach.
Reno~Final Fantasy Advent Children.
Masamune Date~Sengoku Basara.
Roy Mustang~Fullmetal Alchemist.
Leon Garcia Dandelion Asturias~Trinity Blood.
Sebastian Michaelis~Black Butler.
Hiei~Yu Yu Hakusho.
Ban Mido~Get-Backers.
Yuri Shibuya~kyou kara maoh.
Kijin Kou~Saiunkoku.
Toga Yagari~Vampire Knight.…
Korean Bands:

Current Residence: In a Barn
Favourite genre of music: all genre.
Favourite cartoon character: Tom Cat
Personal Quote: I'm not crazy; my reality is just different than yours.
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Name: Daniela Dracul

Age: 20, 21, 22 (currently)

Gender: Female

Species: Human.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 54kg (119 lbs.)

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Gold.

Skin Tone: Fair complexion.

Apparel: She wears armor of the Draconis armor for the women. Daniela wears two identical pairs of black small hoop earrings on each earlobe and two identical pairs of thin dangling black earrings on each earlobe as well; the small hoop earrings belonged to her father.

Psychical Description: An attractive young woman, she has long, straight, black hair with flat cut bangs resting on her forehead. She possesses sharp gold eyes. Daniela sports a slender and well-defined frame with a large bust and well-defined legs and butt. Daniela has a large scar on her back that goes from right shoulder blade down across to her left hip, she doesn't talk about how she got it but it's heavily hinted that she got it from saving Kouen.

Personality: At the beginning and throughout the story, Daniela is shown to be a kind, caring, strong and very reliable person, which is pointed out by other characters. She often considers the feelings of other members of the group and often ensures their well-being. Daniela has fast reflexes and athletically conditioned-body gives her a natural advantage and she is shown to be able to dodge arrows and spears. She is also a quick learner, remembering all the forms of the fighting styles that her mother and father used despite only being shown once. Daniela is considered the most reliable of all fighters, and everyone can count on her combat skills to pull them through a tough spot if need be. Daniela is an athletic fighter and talented combat specialist whose forte is in melee attacks.

Biography: She was born and raised in the capital city of the Draconis Kingdom.

Magi OC Daniela Dracul

Magi OC, Daniela Dracul...she's from the Draconis Kingdom, she's the princess and a dungoen conquer while her older brother Draco is the King.


Longsword- Daniela carries sword with her at all times.

Expert Swordsman: Daniela is a highly proficient combatant with her longsword. She fights with swift and precise strikes, with constant shifting in her body stance, similar to a gymnast. Through this, she is able to keep up a continuous attack that leaves little time for countering.

Expert Strategist and Tactician: In addition to her superb skill, Daniela has repeatedly shown a keen intellect. From a single glance at her opponent's, she can determine a basic idea of their current thoughts despite their demeanor. In battle, Daniela is also shown to be very resourceful and calculating. When fighting, she will usually begin by gauging her opponents to better understand her opponent's skill and tactics. She is also highly adept at using the battlefield to her advantage, even turning her opponent's own strategy against them.

Immense Agility: Daniela has demonstrated remarkable grace and balance even while performing the most basic of tasks. Regularly at home, she is seen practically climbing all over the walls to get around. In more extreme cases, she can jump across town from rooftop to rooftop, never losing control.

Great Physical Prowess: Daniela's constant training has pushed her body to the peak of physical condition, well beyond what her feminine build would suggest. She is a highly accomplished gymnast and acrobat, which she uses to her advantage in battle. She possesses seemingly inhuman flexibility and dexterity, able to contort herself to effortlessly maneuver through most terrains. Her agility and balance also border on impossible. Repeatedly, she is shown able to nimbly scale any obstacle, jump across town from rooftop to rooftop, never losing control, and being able to effortlessly shift her body position even in mid-air.

Enhanced Strength: While certainly not the most intimidating in appearance, Daniela has also shown deceptive raw strength, able to easily break apart a punching pole rooting in the ground and send it soaring. In battle, Daniela is seen regularly holding back a considerable amount of strength, as she wishes to avoid injuring her much weaker opponents as much as possible. Her strength from her private training has grown to the point that now she can cause heavy injuries even when she tries to hold back. She can cut through highly durable substances. She once cut a cannon of a ship in half with her sword before jamming the cannon into the ship's side with her bare hands.

Immense Speed: One of Daniela's most noticeable battle traits is her speed, able to react against incoming threats at a moment's notice, dodge unscathed, disarm her opponents without their noticing, and maneuver as if disappearing from unfocused eyes. Even against Master Class fighters, Daniela is able to follow their movements to just avoid damage. Her attacks are shown to be swift and accurate, able to take down weaker opponents in an instant. After her private training, her speed is great enough to now easily surpass a Fanalis's speed while still considerably holding back. Daniela's attacks in battle are shown to be remarkably fast as most people cannot follow the number of strikes she launches. Even when her guard is down, she can in an instant unleash a large flurry of attacks with no wasted movement. The speed of her attacks is so great, that while playing an interactive sword-fighting video game, she discovered that she had to hold back considerably for the system to register her moves. On her feet, Daniela can outrun most horses and is able to easily jump from building to building. Daniela has displayed enough speed to easily defeat an entire group of armed soldiers in an instant.

Enhanced Endurance: Despite her slender and womanly frame, Daniela has constantly shown to have a strong amount of stamina. Such instances have been shown when she was kicked in the side by an opponent multiple times and only sustained a minor rib fracture and even an kick from an opponent only sent her backwards. Even after having taken numerous blows from an opponent in their third fight, several of which caused Daniela to lose blood and possibly break some bones, Daniela was still able to fight with considerable strength. After taking even further damage from an opponent, Daniela was able to stay conscious and even attempt to attack an opponent and even managed to survive a strike from a stronger opponent, though the damage knocked her out.

Hybrid Martial Artist: Daniela's training in martial arts does not seem to focus on any single discipline, nor is her style completely known, outside of it being her family's developed style, because of this she is classified as a hybrid martial artist. While her fighting style is mostly fluid with aerial and kicking-based attacks, Daniela has shown proficiency in jabs, takedowns, throws, body-locks, counterstrikes, and so on. Daniela has also used her skills in gymnastics as a focus point in her style, often using the flexibility she has gained from gymnastics to perform movements and contort into positions that not only makes her a difficult opponent to catch, but allows her to attack in ways that take advantage of her flexibility and unique fighting style at the same time. Her style of combat also is more unorthodox, regularly able to adapt to any situation and use any item or part of the battlefield to her advantage. As a hybrid martial artist, Daniela has knowledge of multiple fighting disciplines; as a result she is able to use techniques from multiple martial arts styles simultaneously despite not having any singular training in those styles.

Stealth Master: Daniela is highly sneaky when she wishes. Constantly, she is seen appearing from seemingly nowhere without making a sound. Daniela has also used various camouflages to disguise her presence.

Immense Accuracy: Possibly her most remarkable skill, Daniela has perfect aim with any tool she handles. Even with frail or dull-edged items, such as a spoon or faulty blade, she can strike without hitting any vital points. With projectiles, she can precisely hit any speeding and squirming target from a considerable distant. At close-range, Daniela strikes can skillfully cut through targets with such precision, the sliced target can momentarily appear unaffected.

Master Unarmed Combat Skills: While a weapon-specialists by trait and preference, Daniela has comparably impressive skills at hand-to-hand combatant. During her imprisonment of Al Thamen, while having access to no tools and her hands completely immobilized, she could easily fend off several guards with powerful kicks and sweeps. With her fists, she can launch powerful punches able to smash through their protective helmets.


Sitri is the 12th Dungeon that Daniela conquered, the Heat Djinn Sitri dwells within her sword and she is the Djinn of Fearlessness and Warriors and controls the element of life, mainly plants.

When Djinn Weapon Equip is activated, she burns her arms with Sitri's flames. Then she starts to burn her entire body. She keeps using more and more flames until she becomes the flames herself. As Daniela's Djinn Weapon Equip progresses, her arms change into a black metallic substance. It has the ability to produce and to manipulate fire.

"Spirit of Fearlessness and Warriors. I command thee...Be clad in my body. Dwell in my body. Change my body into great Djinn!" – Daniela, summoning the powers of Sitri.

In her full Djinn Equip, Daniela has a humanoid dragon appearance with wings and a tail. She has several necklaces around her neck; she also wears an elaborate choker that has a long chain linking it to her armbands. She has a metal headband around her head. She also has a belt, resembling Kouha and Kouen's one, on her waist.

"The Spirit of Fearlessness and Warriors, thou who gives power to warriors, bring forth the great fire that covers everything on this world!" – Daniela summoning Sitri's Extreme Magic.

Magi isn't mine

Draconis Kingdom is mine


Name: Kayami Komuro

Kanji: 香也美 小室

Rōmanji: Komura Kayami

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Birthday: July 7th, Cancer

Height: 168 cm (5'6")

Weight: 54kg (119 lbs.)

Hair Color: Black.

Eye Color: Brown.

Skin Tone: Fair complexion.

Blood Type: AB –

Class: Seirin's boys' basketball club's manager.

Apparel: She is always seen in her school outfit, which consists of a white shirt with a black sweater over it. She also wears a white, short skirt and a sailor necktie.

Psychical Description: Kayami has long black hair going down to her waist with split bangs that reach her chest and has brown colored eyes, she always has her hair in a high ponytail with a red ribbon. She also has a slender body figure and a large bust. She wears her ears pierced in an avant-garde style, with two identical pairs of hoop earrings on each earlobe and an additional two cuff studs worn vertically on her right ear, above the others.

Personality: Kayami is a gentle and kind member of the Seirin's boys' basketball club. Compared to most of her team-mates, Kayami is much more level-headed and mature, responding to most situations in a calm, collected manner. She has a tendency to comfort and assist others when they are troubled or upset. Many have likened her to a "big sister" type of personality, mainly some of the female students, who affectionately refer to her as ane-san (lit. Big Sis).

Biography: Kayami is the childhood friend of Tatsuya Himuro and Taiga Kagami until she had to return to Japan during her first year in middle school so she enrolled in Teikō Middle School where she met and befriended the basketball team, she met Tetsuya Kuroko first who then introduced her to his friends. She has a little brother named Kayuu.

KNB OC Kayami Komuro
Kuroko no Basuke OC, Kayami Komuro ^^ I did a lot of editing with this girlie, mainly with her personality but I like her personality now :D

Kuroko no Basuku isn't mine

Kayami Komuro is mine
Fairy Tail OC, Danielle Dragonheart by Envy20
Fairy Tail OC, Danielle Dragonheart
:iconbludy-chu: did this wonderful commission for me of my Fairy Tail OC, Danielle Dragonheart!

Whoever I pair her up with her better watch out 'cause she's one hot piece of work! *swoons*

Danielle: I have a creepy creator.... -_-;  

Danielle Dragonheart belongs me 

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima
"Dani!" a high pitch feminine voice called out to her and Danielle turned to see who it was but she didn't see anyone though she felt something hug her calf causing her to look down and smile when she sees who it was. "Hey, Draco." She bends down and picks up the light grey colored Exceed that the entirety of her body, aside from her face, is covered by a maroon dragon-like suit. The suit sports a plain belly, clawed hands, wings, and a hood which forms the dragons's head, complete with two yellow eyes resting on the hood. Now the reason for her name and appearance was because everyone thought she was going to be a dragon since she was in an egg when Danielle found her when she was a child. So when Draco popped out of that egg, everyone was surprised then they started referring her as a dragon and not a kitten, and then her mother pulled out this suit and put Draco in it so now Draco thinks she's a dragon and Danielle had threatened anyone who gets the idea of telling Draco that she isn't really a baby dragon.

"I missed you Dani," Draco said as she hugged Danielle.

"I missed you too...sorry we couldn't take you with us," Danielle said smiling. This mission wasn't as easy as the flyer said it was going to be, good thing Danielle listened to her gut and left Draco behind with her mother.

"Hey, Draco," Landen said smiling at the Exceed who 'harrumphed' and looked away, Danielle stifled a giggle. Draco was actually Danielle's partner, Landen had only gone with her because otherwise she would have gone alone so Draco was a little upset and annoyed with Landen at the moment.

Landen went all emo and sat down in the corner closest to the two with a dark, gloomy cloud over him and mushrooms starting to grow on him.

Everyone who was close by sweat dropped and thought in unison, Jeez, dramatic much?

Dominique walks over Danielle, she glances at Landen and shakes her head, and said, "Dani, I would like to hear your report about the mission...Landen get a hold of yourself, please."

Danielle follows her mother outside with Draco still in her arms as a few of the members try to cheer the depressed Landen up after his rejection of Draco.

Her mother leaned against the wall, crossing her arms over her chest as she looks over at her daughter and simply waited for her to start talking.

And she didn't have long to wait because Danielle took a deep breath and started talking, she told her how the job was actually as hard as her gut had been telling her they were able to complete the job with no damage to the city whatsoever. And during the return home, Danielle had overheard whispers of women mysteriously dying by an unknown person but that wasn't what caught her attention, what did was that these women had been completely drained of magic power before they died. And everyone seemed to have their own opinions on why and how these women died, it would appear that other than knowing how these women died no one knew anything else about these deaths.

Dominique was silent as she listened to her daughter's story with her eyes closed and a calm expression on her face but when her daughter stopped talking, she opened her eyes and sighed, "I they didn't know who these women were?"

Danielle shook her head and said, "No...apparently the Magic Council are keeping their identities a secret from the public..."

"Mmm," Dominique held her chin in thought. "How interesting but I can understand their caution, they don't want to start a panic...if whoever is behind this is targeting a certain Guild or type of Wizard then it's for the best if no one knew who these women are."

"Wouldn't it be better if they just told people?" Danielle asked.

Her mother shook her head and said, "No...if they did they would be alerting whoever is behind those deaths and then cause a panic so they are keeping silent about it."

Draco looked up at Danielle with a worried expression on her face, Danielle smiled down at her friend before looking back at her mother, "What should we do, Mother?"

"For now? Nothing but that doesn't mean we can lower our guard completely," Dominique said. "Since we don't know where this jerk is heading to next or who his next target is." Dominique smiles at her daughter and ruffled her hair. "Thank you for reporting this to me and welcome home, go back inside and have fun."

She kisses her daughter's forehead and watched her daughter walk back inside before she turns around to watch the sunset, it changed the sea and sky around it into a fiery red color as if the sky and sea were on fire. Dominique rubbed her hands over her shoulders, goosebumps having spread along her skin and she had a feeling that something evil was slowly starting to show itself.

As the master of the Dragon Heart Guild, I vow here and now to protect my children until my last breath leaves this body of mine, Dominique thought as she watched the sun sink down the horizon.  
Chapter 2
Chapter 2 to Dragon Heart...shorter than Chapter 1, I might go back and add more ^^

Dragon Heart Guild belongs to me

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima
Draconis City, Fiore

Draconis is located in the marshy area which stretches along the shoreline, between the mouths of the Twin Dragon Rivers. Draconis is renowned for its beauty, it's located in the southeastern part of Fiore, has a population of 60,000 inhabitants, and is a merchant city that has been prosperous in Magic since the ancient era. Draconis is built on an archipelago of 117 islands formed by 177 canals in a shallow lagoon, connected by 409 bridges. The  canals serve the function of roads, and almost every form of transport is on water or on foot. The whole place is Venetian in style.

Draconis is a city of small islands, enhanced during the ancient era by the dredging of soils to raise the marshy ground above the tides. The resulting canals encouraged the flourishing of a nautical culture which proved central to the economy of the city. Today those canals still provide the means for transport of goods and people within the city.

The maze of canals threaded through the city requires the use of more than 400 bridges to permit the flow of foot traffic.

Located almost in the middle of the town, a horizontal road where events and parades are held, is Drak Cathedral, one of Draconis's most important and distinctive landmarks. In the northernmost part of the city, sitting on the shore of the sea, is Dragon Heart's building; to the west, on a hill overlooking the built-up area, is the Guild's female dormitory, Dragon Hills. In the southeastern section of the city is the train station, which, to the west, has the Draconis Memorial shrine, the Dragon Temple and the Magic store; north from the station, on the town's western border.

And located on the highest peak of the only mountain in the area is a foreboding fortress called Dragon Fortress, it was build by the founder of this city and some say it's haunted but no one has ever been up there to put that rumor to the test. Situated in the Kingdom of Fiore, it lies on the southern coast of the country in Draconis Town. It is located in the southern part of the town not far from the coast, and lies about 4-5 kilometers up the Magnolia central path. It is located near Dragon Hill and Draconis Cathedral.
Dragon Heart's headquarters resided in an imposing castle, having battlements on top of its two upper floor, the ground floor has a Western-looking roof than the former building, consisting of many small, square tiles of different size. Over the battlements several large torches are lined up. Topping the building and the last floor is a small, tower-like dome containing a large bell, which has a pointed roof made of tiles; two more towers are present at both sides of the entrance, these having elongated glass windows running through them and weathercocks shaped like Dragon Heart's symbol on their tile tops. The front part of the top floor houses a large banner with the guild's insignia on it. The top floor seems to be the most bare, while the middle one's front walls are intricately decorated and sport a pair of ornamental windows. The ground floor's roof bears a highly decorative balustrade on its top, and the floor itself possesses many small windows lined up its front walls, together with wood reinforcements, while its edges bear large, rectangular wood beams. Surrounding the headquarters is a fence composed of stone overtopped by decorated railing, with some pillars over-topped by torches on its length and an open gate giving access to the guild, this possessing an upper part covered in tiles, with railing below it, bearing resemblance to an open portcullis, plus a large sign bearing the guild's name, with ornated decorations above it, including a pair of detailed statues of dragons. In front of the building, inside the fence, is the so-called "open air cafe", containing a little over two dozen tables, each complete with a pair of benches at its sides, and with some of them bearing striped beach umbrellas.

There is also a small Souvenir Shop to the left of the entrance, composed of bricks and sporting a wood counter, which is run by Demetria Maxwell. Lined up the building's sides are two lines of trees; the ones farther from the entrance seem to be way taller than the others, appearing from behind the balustrades of the ground floor; either that, or the first floor itself has plants on its top

Danielle pushed open the large door to their Guild's main hall as Echo flew in over her head and was greeted with a loud cheer for 'Welcome back!'  as everyone rushed to greet their returned guild mates. There were hugs and claps on the back for the two as they laughed and chatted with those who greeted them.

Danielle looked away smiling as she took in the interior of Dragon Heart HQ, long beams supporting the wooden mezzanines present on both sides of the hall, and a similarly long counter occupying the wall to the right from the entrance. Above it, a large banner bearing both the guild's name and its symbol is visible. The floor is still made of wood, while the upper part of the walls, just below the mezzanines, consists of bricks.
When first entering the guild, there is a request board to the immediate right, and an information desk to the immediate left. A few meters in front of them, there are two dozen restaurant tables that stretch across the length of the room. The tables end at a large, wooden stage that has four staircases behind it on its left and right sides. Two of the staircases lead upstairs and two of them lead down stairs. In the upper right hand corner of the guild, there is a rest/shower room.
 To the right of the restaurant tables, there is a kitchen, and next to the kitchen there is a resting room. Next to that room in the lower right hand corner of the guild is a Data Storage Room. There is a library in the lower left hand corner of the room, and next to that is a waiting room. To the left of that, is a storage room, which is located next to a second rest/shower room. Behind the stage of the guild is a large, interior swimming pool that is decorated to imitate an outside environment, having its edges adorned by plants of various sort, mainly palms and tropical-looking bushes, plus typical sunbeds complete with beach umbrellas. The pool seems to lack a proper springboard, with the guild members seemingly diving into it via some crates piled up one on the other.

The second floor consists of the guest rooms and Danielle's mother's living quarters and office. Not many people go to the master's office unless they've been summoned by her. Also the Medical Ward is located on the second floor.

The basement has been turned into an amusement center located downstairs. It is a relatively large room with brick walls, with their lower parts being composed of long, horizontal wooden planks, and a wooden ceiling, with stone pillars carved in the walls sustaining it, and it contains a pool table, dart boards, video games, and other means of entertainment. It also has a few tables for the occupants of the room to eat and drink between playing. In a corner there are several barrels, and attached to a wall is a noticeboard complete with some notices, with more, scattered notices adorning the wall itself.

"Welcome home you two," a feminine voice said from behind them, Danielle turns around and smiles when she sees who it was. 

"Hello, Mom." Danielle hugs her mother which the older woman returns, ruffling Echo's fur as she does so.

Dominique Dracul, Danielle's adopted mother and the master of Dragon Heart, was an attractive older woman, she has long, black hair and blue eyes. She wears her hair down and has it much shorter in the front and pushed to either side of her face. She possesses a very voluptuous figure, with large breasts and curvy hips. Dominique's black Dragon Heart mark is located on the upper part of her right breast, which is somewhat shown by her dress. She wore a V-neck thin red dress, a white cloth wrapped around her arms and mid to lower body, and a silver necklace with a small charm on the front.

Dominique smiles a closed eye smile as she releases her daughter and said, "I missed you so much...both of you, the Guild just wasn't the same without you two crazies here."

"Who are you calling 'crazies'? We're not as bad as some people here," Danielle said laughing.

"That's right!" Echo chimed in as she landed next to Danielle and placed her hands on her hips, her tail swishing in agitation. The black Exceed wore a red halter dress that revealed her white Dragon Heart mark that was on her upper back.

Her mother threw back her head and laughed uproariously as some of the members playfully took offense to that, "I'll have to agree with you on that, Dani..why don't you two take a shower then you can come back and enjoy yourselves."

Both members nodded their heads before heading to their respected living areas, Danielle was heading to Dragon Hills with Echo in her arms. She walks out of the Guild and heads to Dragon Hills, which is located in Draconis town, atop a rocky, grassy hill not far from Dragon Heart's headquarters. It is accessible by a large staircase following the hill's outer side, which Danielle was now climbing.

Dragon Hills is a large and mildly imposing building composed of bricks. It consists of a central, elongated section at whose sides sit two wings protruding outwards, with the one to the center's right acting as the main entrance, which takes the form of a double door with a pyramid-shaped upper part topped by a similarly pyramid-shaped roof, held up by wooden beams. Enforcing the multitude of standard bricks on the edges and marking rectangular sections in the central part are larger, lighter bricks lined up in vertical rows, with light beams instead marking sections horizontally. The front part of the building possesses a porch adorning the central part, with a steep tiled roof split in sections by beams being held up by simply wooden pillars paired with arcs. The two wings are each adorned by small numbers of large, arched windows, while the central section's windows are similar in design, but noticeably smaller and more numerous. Each section possesses an elongated, pitched roof composed of tiles; the wings, beneath such roof, have round windows adorning their top part. Sitting in front of the entrance, held up by two pillars composed of stone and bricks, flanking the pathway leading to the building, and each topped by the sculpture of a stylized Dragon Heart's symbol, is a large, mildly arched sign reading "Dragon Hills" in sober, elongated dark characters.

Danielle stepped through the front door and looked around, smiling faintly. The lobby sits right behind the main entrance. It is an elongated room which possesses wooden floor and ceiling, and its walls, enforced by beams, are composed of bricks in their lower part. To the entrance's right sits the wooden counter, complete with a flowerpot, a lamp and some stationery. Behind it, a door is visible, leading to an unknown room or a closet, and not far a small picture is secured to the wall, with a large door without shutters leading to an unspecified room to the right. In front of the counter is a carpet with intricately decorated edges, over which sits a short table with round edges, with its central part covered by a rhomboidal ornamental tablecloth. Flanking such table are a sofa and an armchair, complete with extra, small matching pillows. Behind the armchair, farther into the room, are small, elongated shelves housing book, topped by various objects, among which is a flowerpot, and a large window with double curtains faces outwards; adorning its inner ledge are a flowerpot, a statue, and an elongated vase. The rest of the room seems to be pretty bare. A staircase is located on the other side of the lobby from the entrance, and at its left is a door. Lighting the room is a simple wooden chandelier.

Whilst each Dragon Hills' room comes with its own private bathroom, the dormitory has an open bath area nonetheless, where the girls can enjoy bathing with fellow tenants. Such room is shown to be majestic, with horizontal panels decorated by intricate motifs topping the various, rectangular mirrors lined up the walls of the section to the entrance's right, each possessing a basin and a matching, small decorative seat. Such section has a tiled roof and bears a large, square-shaped and intricately decorated pillar on its left edge, holding up the ceiling. The room's left part is completely occupied by a very large, rectangular pool, full of water and of an incredible amount of lather, obscuring the former from sight. Such part is thought to bear resemblance to the outside world, as shown from its walls, on which a light sky adorned here and there by clouds is painted, and from a large, ornamental rocky formation occupying the pool's right part.

The dormitory's basement houses a resource room, which, despite not being as good as Dragon Heart's main one, is quite large and houses every current and previous tenant's record of work. Such room is highly decorative, with the ceiling protruding on the walls below in arched section, creating vaults, and the arched staircase leading down to the resource room being flanked by a balustrade which as a protruding, semicircular section, somehow reminiscent of a church's pulpit. Another staircase is visible on the other side of the room, leading down from a mezzanine held up by beams. The walls' upper part seems to be covered in lamps, while pictures are visible on the lower part of the wall flanking the arched staircase. Lined up against most walls are large shelves packed full of books, which can be consulted on the large, decorated table sitting in the center of the room, always covered in books and documents, and flanked by two sofas. A small piece of furniture again housing books is visible nearby.

Danielle headed to her room and once she was inside, she closes and locks the door then she leans against it and sighs warily. It's so good to be home, she thinks as she pushes away from the door, she puts Echo down in front of her. She crouches and gently takes off Echo's clothes with help from the female Exceed before pulling her tank top off and over her head then she shimmies her skirt on her legs before taking off her bra and underwear, she pulls down the towel that was on a rack and wrapped it around herself before heading into the bathroom and turning on the shower Danielle sticks her hand under the water to see if it was hot enough for her. Echo padded in after her, also wrapped in a small towel though she really didn't need to but she had picked up a few habits from Danielle.

Once it was at the preferred temperature and she drops the towel and steps under the shower head, closing her eyes and letting the water soak her hair before she picks up the shampoo and squirt it into her hands. She lathers it into her hair then she rinses it out before putting the conditioner in her hair, she then washes her body and rinses out the conditioner. She then baths Echo, even though Echo is now old enough to bathe herself she still prefers Danielle to bathe her. Danielle turns off the water and steps out of the shower, she picks up her towel and dries herself off. Wrapping the towel around her body and getting a smaller towel so that she can wrap her hair up and dry it that way. She steps out of the bathroom and goes to her closet, she looks through it for a fresh set of clothes. Danielle puts them on, which consisted of a tank top the same color as the one she had on before but the skirt was blue and black plaid. She pulls on her gloves, thigh high socks and boots before she walks out of her bedroom and dormitory with Echo once again in her arms, Danielle walks back to the to Guild to party with the rest of their guild mates....while she hates loud noise, it would be rude to deny them the welcome home party that they had set up for them so Danielle would try to tolerate it.

"It's good to be home, right Dani?" 

"Mmhmm, that's right, Echo." Danielle said with a smile as she walks.

The Exceed's tail twitched and she looked up at her friend, "I hope you'll be able to handle it, Dani..."

"I hope so too but I need to talk to the master anyways," Danielle said. "It's about this up coming festival..."

"You think something's going to happen during the Dragon Festival, Dani?"

Danielle shrugs her shoulders and said, "I don't know, Echo but I got that feeling." She notices the worried look that was now on Echo's face and added, "But let's not worry about that now...first we have a party to go to."


The Sound Dragon Slayer walks into her Guild's HQ, wincing slightly when the loud noise of yelling and music assaulted her very sensitive hearing but used a noise canceling spell to ease the pressure on her ears before she went to get something to eat for herself and Echo. 
Chapter 1
Chapter 1 to my Fairy Tail fanfic, Dragon Slayers....was going to have her in Fairy Tail but changed my mind since I like Dragon Heart Guild so much lol another chapter describing the town and Guild's appearance and such, the actual storyline happens in the next chapter!

Fairy Tail belongs to Hiro Mashima

Dragon Heart Guild and it's members belongs to me

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