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Amanda Reta
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United States
(The picture above says: R.I.P. Tyki's fabulous long hair, we'll miss you! 2004-2011)

my other accounts are :iconmandogirl22: :iconsslover232: :icontrlover2324: and :iconkennera:

:iconangelgirl121: is my twin sister

Hello, i'm a anime fangirl...and only recently became an asian pop music fangirl.

Though my first love is anything Sci-fi, like Star Wars for example.

here's a list of anime guys that i like:

Yu Kanda~D Gray Man.
Byakuya Kuchiki~Bleach.
Reno~Final Fantasy Advent Children.
Masamune Date~Sengoku Basara.
Roy Mustang~Fullmetal Alchemist.
Leon Garcia Dandelion Asturias~Trinity Blood.
Sebastian Michaelis~Black Butler.
Hiei~Yu Yu Hakusho.
Ban Mido~Get-Backers.
Yuri Shibuya~kyou kara maoh.
Kijin Kou~Saiunkoku.
Toga Yagari~Vampire Knight.…
Korean Bands:

Current Residence: In a Barn
Favourite genre of music: all genre.
Favourite cartoon character: Tom Cat
Personal Quote: I'm not crazy; my reality is just different than yours.
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A conversation between Kouen and Kayami is misunderstood by certain passerbys....

"Don't touch that!" 

Kouha, Koumei, Judar, Aaltja, Kashira and Kougyoku all stopped walking when they heard Kayami's voice coming from her bedroom. They all looked at each other, wondering who she was talking to but they didn't have to wait or wonder long because they then heard Kouen's voice.

"Stop complaining...and stop squirming, it won't hurt," Kouen said.

"You're not actually being gentle! And-ow! What the hell?! That hurts! Be gentle!"

"Relax and let me help you," Kouen said. "I'll try to be gentle and not hurt you eve more..."

They heard movement coming from within, the rustling of clothes and sheets. They all looked at each other, mouths gaped open. It can't be...Kouen couldn't be doing that to her. Aaltja was the first one to shake out of her shock and she pushed open the door causing it slam against the wall, "Kouen! What are you doing to Kaya!?!"

Kouen and Kayami both looked up and everyone stared at each other in shock and surprise, his siblings and her friends stared at the scene before them. Kouen had his hands on her foot, it would look like that he was looking at her ankle because it looked like she had twisted it. They both were sitting on her bed with her legs draped over his lap so that he can easily look at her ankle.

"Umm...what's up?"

Judar finally snapped out of it and he said, "You twisted your ankle?"


"Oh, we thought you were doing ad-mph!" Judar started to say but Kougyoku and Aaltja both slapped their hands over his mouth to prevent him that finishing that sentence.

"Hm?" Kayami tilted her head to the side, confused. 

Though Kouen seemed to understand what Judar was going to say and he smirked but he doesn't say anything.

Kouha walked over to them and looked at Kayami's swollen ankle, "What happened?" 

"Your brother that's what happened to me," Kayami said. "Though it was a little bit of my fault, I insulted him and then tried to run but I tripped on a pillow and fell."

"Don't blame me for being a klutz," Kouen said. "How did you miss that pillow?"

"Shut it! I was too busy running from you!"

Koumei just sighs and shakes his head, Kouen really needed to find another way to flirt with her other than bully her and tease her. This was getting tiring, sometimes he wished that Kouen would just tell her that he loves her.

Kashira walks passed everyone and moves Kayami's ankle from him, "I'll take over, Kouen...your brothers were looking for you because there were some nobles who wanted to speak to you."

Kouen nods his head and said, "Alright, thank you." He leaves the room with Koumei and Kouha right behind him, Aaltja chased Judar out as he started to make himself comfortable. Kashira reached into her pouch and pulled out some herbs and strips of cloth before she crushed the herbs and smeared it around her ankle before she wrapped the cloths around it as Aaltja and Kougyoku teased Kayami until her face was a deep red of embarrassment, Kashira would tease her as well but not as much as those two.  
Girl Talk # 10: Misunderstandings
Because it had to happen, I love misunderstand scenes when there's someone or a group of people outside a room as they hear a conversation that sounded a bit racey lol 

Kashira and Kayami belongs to 

Aaltja belongs to :iconkannaasa:

Magi belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka
The girls dance at a festival...

"Oh wow! It's so lively and pretty!" Kougyoku said as she looked around.

"Yeah, it is," Kayami said.

Aaltja saw some cute stuffed animals on a stand and walked over, "Aww, so cute~ I'm going to get one for Kouha." She picked up a dolphin and smiled before she payed for it and walking back to her friends.

Kashira smiles as she looks at the dolphin and pokes at it, "That's a cute one...he'd like that." Though he wouldn't have cared what she got him as long as it was her who got it for him.

Upbeat music started to play and Kashira smiled widely when she heard it before she grabbed Aaltja's and Kougyoku's wrist and pulled them after her as Kayami followed after them, they broke through the crowd and Kashira waved to an older man who was watching the musicians.

The older man smiles when he sees her and walks over to her, engulfing her in a big hug and lifting her in the air, "Why if it isn't little Kashira? I haven't seen you since that one city back east!"

Kashira laughed as she returned the hug before he set her down and she introduced her friends to the jovial older man, "This is Akmal, he took me in while he and his dancing troupe were staying in a city that I stayed for a little while."

She said their names to Akmal, who gave them the same treatment as Kashira which surprised the girls but they knew he didn't mean no harm so they allowed it.

Akmal looked at Kashira and said, "Do you still remember how to dance?"

"Of course! Do you mind if my friends join?"

"Not at all! Our dances are easy to learn!"

So before any of her friends could say anything against this idea, they were dragged off into a tent and put in a dancer's outfit that was pretty as it was revealing and complex in it's design.

"This isn't the most revealing outfit that I have worn but it's close," Kayami said as she looked down at her new outfit.

"Yeah..." Aaltja said as she too looked over at her outfit. "Thank god, that Kouha didn't come with us."

"Didn't he have a meeting to go to with his brothers?" Kashira asked as she helped Kougyoku into her new outfit.

"Y-yes..." Kougyoku said. "Umm...why do we always end up in these kind of outfits?"

Kayami struck a 'sexy' pose and said, "Because why hide our hot bodies when we can show'em~?"

Aaltja swatted at Kayami and said, "Yeah, better hope that Kouen doesn't show up like he did those other times!"

"Yes, I shall pray for that," Kayami said clasping her hands together in pray.

Akmal's voice came through from the other side of the tend flap, "You girls ready?"

"Yep!" Kashira said. "Just let me teach them the dance!" So she quickly taught them the dance, which seemed hard at first but because Kashira was such a patient teacher they were able to grasp it before she lead them out and onto the stage, where the musicians started to play.

The girls started to dance to the music, earning them a lot of cat calls and whistles from the guys but they were ignored as the girls closed their eyes and dance with smiles curving up their lips. They were having a good time and didn't want this to end but like all fun times, this too ended quickly and they bowed.

The crowd erupted in applause and yelled for them to dance more, the girls looked at one another before Aaltja walked over to the musicians and asked them to play a song that she, Morgiana and Kougyoku had danced to back at Sindria. The musician started to play an upbeat song and the girls started to dance, they twirled, spin and jumped across the stage. Laughing and smiling as they listened to the song and moved their bodies to the beat of it.

Girl Talk # 9
This was fun...origanally I was going to write a full description of their dance and outfits but decided against it but here are links to their outfits and dance:… and

Akmal will probably make another appearance...I dunno yet 

Aaltja isn't mine, she's :iconkannaasa:

Kashira and Kayami are mine

Magi belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka 
The girls going for a swim...


Kayami looked up at she placed her neatly folded clothes onto a rock when she heard Kougyoku say her name, "What's wrong, Gyoku?"

"Is this really what you wear to swim in?" Kougyoku asked as she came out from behind a rock, blushing.

"Umm...yeah? Why?" Kayami asked.

"Isn't it kind of revealing? Like it shows way too much skin," Kougyoku said.

Kayami looked down at what she was wearing before she looked down at herself, bandages were her chest and a white cloth that covered her lower body. 

"Mmm, I guess it does reveal too much but we really couldn't just swim in our clothes," Kayami said.

Aaltja waved her hand in front of her and said, "No kidding! We're almost naked!"

Kashira smiles and said, "But we're not completely naked though, which is how I normally swim so this is actually better."

"You're not helping, Shira!" Aaltja said.

"Okay, maybe I can make some better swimming clothes but can we get into the water and have fun before anyone notices that we are gone?" Kayami said. "I mean we did kind of sneaking out of the Palace without telling anyone."

"Oh yeah so we did," Aaltja said remembering.

"I don't want my brothers to see me in this sort of outfit! And get mad at me like last time," Kougyoku said.

The other three went silent as they remembered that day, Kashira had heard it from Kayami and Aaltja though since she wasn't with them.

"So let's get in and have our fun," Kayami said as she started to push them towards the water. "Then we'll be on our way after our fun then we'll be inside the palace before anyone notices we are gone!"

Kayami was the found this private lagoon during one of her explorations, she then went to find her friends and told them about it. They weren't able to go there until Kayami came up with a plan to sneak out while everyone was busy hence why they were here and why they wanted to have their fun before anyone started to wonder where they were.

The girls stepped into the water and shivered when they felt the coldness of the water as they walked even further into the water until they had to stand on their tip toes.

"Oooh, man! That's cold!" Kayami said.

"Well, there's one way to fix that!" Aaltja said before she tackled Kayami under the water.

Both girls reemerge from under the water and Kayami splashes water on Aaltja, laughing, "Well, that's one way to get over it."

Kashira and Kougyoku went under water, they didn't want the same treatment but when they resurfaced both Aaltja and Kayami splashed water at them, which triggered a splashing war.

The girls laughed loudly as they played and swam in the water, having a good time but unbeknownst to them someone did notice them sneak out. A servant girl had seen them and followed them and once she saw what they were wearing, mainly the Princess, she had gone to tell Prince Kouen.

"My sister is what?" Kouen said calmly though Kouha, Judar and Koumei and even the servant shivered when they heard the dark undertone in his voice.

"She's swimming with those girls and she's showing too much skin," she repeated, shivering as she bowed even more. 

Kouen stands up and starts to head there, with Kouha, Judar and Koumei right behind him. The servant girl went straight back to work, feeling sorry for those girls now...who knows what'll Kouen do to them.

Meanwhile the girls were swinging into the lagoon by a vine that Kayami and Aaltja had found during a small exploration.

"Wheeee!!!!" Kayami said as she released the vine and splashed into the water.

Kashira was sitting on a rock with her feet in the water, she was watching them swing on the vine...she didn't want to join in, she had said that it would be better if one of them watched so that if one of them injured themselves she would be able to quickly save them.

"You turn, Tja!" Kayami shouted as she resurfaced and pushed her hair back.

"Let me show you how it's done!" Aaltja said as she swung on the vine and released it once she was over the water, she made an even bigger splash than Kayami's.

"Nice one, Tja! You got Kashira wet!" Kayami said when the blonde girl resurfaced.

"Yes!" Aaltja threw her fist into the air before she lowers it and looks up at Kougyoku. "Come one, Gyoku! It's your turn!"

"O-okay!" Kougyoku said at first she was afraid but seeing that Aaltja and Kayami had resurfaced unharmed she was able to grab the vine and swing but just as she was letting go, she heard a very familiar and scary voice.


"Eep!" was all she could say before she went under the water and the two girls pulled her up quickly before all eyes that were in the water, Kashira had climbed in as soon as she heard his voice, turned to look at a scary sight.

Kouen was standing on the rocks above them staring down at them, his brothers and Judar were standing behind him.

"Oh...hey, Kouen!" Kayami said waving at them before she whispers so that only the girls could hear her. "Great, it's the Tyrant King and his need to kill our fun..."

"What was that?"

"Nothing~ so why are you here?"

"Because I received very interesting information about what my sister was wearing to swim in," Kouen said.

"Uh oh...look it's not bad at all!" Kayami said as she started to swim over and when she was in shallow water, she stood up. The guys reactions varies from shocked stoic to funny shock, Kouen was the former while Kouha, Koumei and Judar were the latter, at what they saw.

"Is my sister wearing the same thing?" Kouen asked glaring at Kayami. Kashira had shielded Kougyoku from view by swimming in front of her as Aaltja watched Kayami handle Kouen...or attempt to.

"Mmhmm, the sea water would have ruined her nice gowns so I had her wear it...the others are in the same thing," Kayami said as she crossed her arms under her chest, Kouha, Judar and Koumei look over at the other girls in the water before they look back at Kayami. "It's fine, no one comes here...well now they do since you're here."

"I'll talk to you about this after you get dressed," Kouen said.

Kayami tilted her head to the side and said, "Why? Can't we talk about it now?"

"Just get dressed!" Kouen shouted.

"Okay, okay...but can you leave so we can get out and get dressed?"

Kouen was silent but it didn't look like he was going to leave so Kayami reached up to the bandages and started to unravel them, which triggered a response from the older man and he spun around and literally dragged the others after him to give the girls some privacy.

"Were you really going to change in front of them?" Aaltja asked she and the others climbed out and got dressed after drying off.

"Yep if he wanted to be stubborn about it then so was I!" Kayami said as she finished wrapping her sash around her waist.

"Thank you for shielding me, Shira," Kougyoku whispered.

"No problem," Kashira said.

Once they were finished getting dressed, they walked over to where the guys were...and Kouen gave them all an earful about making better swimming wear, which Kayami promised to make when she got back to her room.

"You hope you learned something from this," Kouen said.

Kayami smiled at him and said, "Yep! I'll swim naked next time just to see how you react to that~"

Kouen glares at her in response while she blows him a kiss and wink before she links her arms with her friends and they walk ahead of the guys.

"She's going to kill me one of these days," Kouen muttered with a sigh.

"At least it'll be a interesting way to die," Judar said as he floated above them with a smile.

"No it won''ll be painful," Kouen said.

"Aaltja doesn't do things like this...maybe she should," Kouha said smiling.

"She's already bad enough, I don't want her to get even worse," Kouen said

Koumei sighs and said, "At least a day with her and Aaltja are never boring. Kashira has her days but not like those two..."

They all agreed with that as they watched the girls walk ahead of them, talking and laughing about their day in the lagoon.

Girl Talk # 8
What they are wearing to swim in…

Kayami likes to push Kouen's buttons, just to see what sort of reaction he gives her...and would she really strip in front of him? Yes, she would lol and she is going to make new swimming clothes for them so that she wouldn't hear his lecture again...kill joy :P

Aaltja belongs to :iconkannaasa:

Kashira and Kayami are mine

Magi is Shinobu Ohtaka 
The girls bathe in a hot springs with the guys acting as guards...

"Oooh, it feels so nice!" Kougyoku said as she sunk in the steamy, hot water up to her chin.

"Mmhmm," Kayami hummed in agreement. "This is so's a good thing that I asked Kouen to stop to allow us to bathe."

"More like you nagged him but yeah, it's a good thing that you did," Aaltja said with a small smile.

Kashira nodded her head before she tilted her head back to soak her hair. The hot spring that the girls were enjoying was outside but it was hidden from view by large rocks and bushes, and at one corner of the spring was a weeping willow giving the spring a very peaceful and pretty look.

The girls were all in the hot spring while the guys were on the other side of the rocks, standing guard...much to the annoyance of Kouen who was already annoyed as it was. Judar had tried to sneak in with them but was quickly dragged away by the three brothers while Aaltja and Kayami shook their fist at him in a threatening manner.

"How do you get so big?" Kougyoku asked staring at Kayami's chest, it was very random and Kayami just stared at her silently for a few minutes before Aaltja snaps her out of it by poking her side.

"Oh, sorry...umm, it's hereditary?" Kayami said as she covered her chest and shifted away, uncomfortable at the attention that she was giving. The girls vary in size but Kayami was the biggest though it was hard to tell when she wore loose clothing or her armor.

"Why did you answer it as a question?" Kashira asked.

"I was just asked an awkward question...I have never been asked that before," Kayami said.

"Well, normally hid them with your loose clothing or armor," Aaltja said.

"Mmm, true..." Kayami leaned back, soaking her hair and closing her eyes.

"Are you girls done?!" Judar's voice drifted over to them.

"Not yet! Just a few more minutes!" Kayami shouted.

"If you stay any longer you'll be all wrinkly like raisins," was Judar's rude response.

Kayami looks at Kougyoku and makes a motion with her hands that said very clearly, 'really? is this the guy you fell in love with?', "Shut it, Judar or I'll make your life a living hell."

"Tsk, I'll like to see you try," Judar said before it was cut off by a yelp at the end, something must have happened but it was unknown who had hurt him.

 "Anyways, we'll be out soon so don't wor-ack! Kayami!! What the hell?!" Aaltja had started to say but was cut off by Kayami groping her and then quickly climbing out of the spring.

"I'm done so I am getting out," Kayami said as she went to dry off and get dressed.

"You damn coward! Get back here and take your beating like a woman!" Aaltja shouted then she remembered that she could just follow her out. Kayami was finished dressing as Aaltja had started to get out of the water so she darted off to where the guys were at and Aaltja quickly got dressed and ran after her while Kashira and Kougyoku just watched them in silent.

Then Kashira broke it by sighing heavily and saying, standing up, "Let's go break them apart before Kouen decides to send them back to Sindria."

"Yeah..." Kougyoku said with a heavy sigh as well as they got out and quickly dried off and dressed so that they can quickly end this fight before it even started between the two main female fighters of this small band girls in the Kou Empire. 

Girl Talk # 7
.....I blame this on a lack of sleep and sugar, I had to get up at 3:30 this morning to help with a yard sale for my uncle so yeah blame it on that lol I didn't write down what the guys were doing during this, I left that up to your imagination lol

Aaltja belongs to :iconkannaasa:

Kayami and Kashira are mine

Magi belongs to Shinobu Ohtaka
Aaltja and Kayami come back from Sindria and tell Kouen about their vacation...

The girls come back from Sindria and went over to Kouen who was waiting for with his Household members and siblings, Kougyoku and Koumei was there.

"Kouen!" Kayami said as she launched herself at him and hugged him, full body contact hug too. "I missed you~!"

Sadly this wasn't anything new to see, she always acted like this whenever he sent her away. Kayami released him and went to stand next to Aaltja who handed her bags back.

"How was your vacation?" Kouen asked 

"Awesome! We were surfing, fighting and we also played a few games with the King," Aaltja said smiling widely.

Kouen smirked and said, "Really?"

Kayami nods her head, "I still don't get the rules of this game but I believe, we won." She tapped her chin in a thoughtful manner as she said it, looking up.

"Make a note: every time a guy fall down on his knees, yelling to god to make it stop, than you HAVE won," Aaltja said looking at Kayami and smiling.

Kouen tried to fight a small grin from appearing on his face as both girls turned their attention back to him.

Aaltja smiles and said, looking around "Where is Kouha? I brought him a souvenir" She holds a stuffed Narwhal up.

"Aaltja!!!" Kouha suddenly appeared out of nowhere and hugged the blonde girl, his face was pressed between her breasts. "I missed you so much~!"

"I can see that but can you let go, please?" Aaltja said. It was obvious that she didn't know what to do, especially since Kouha didn't seem to have done that on purpose.

Kouha let's go with a big smile that Kouen and Koumei could easily see through but chose not to anything, "So what did you get me?"

"This!" Aaltja held up the stuffed Narwhal and smiled, which made Kouha internal squeal at how cute she was.

"Thank you! I love it," Kouha said as he took it from her and smiled.

Kayami 'aww'ed at how cute they were being but quickly acted like she didn't do anything when Aaltja glared at her. 

Kouen silently prayed that they didn't start fighting but as Kougyoku walked over to them, it appeared that any fight was quickly forgotten as they gave his sister her gifts, which was sea shells and pretty pebbles. Then Kayami came over and gave Kouen a gift, which was a large sea shell that you could hear the crashing of the waves...something he learned when Kayami placed the shell against his ear gently.

"Hey, Tja...wasn't he known as the womanizer of the seven seas?" Kayami said as she suddenly remembered something and looked over at the blonde girl.


"He didn't even try to hit on us while we were there...I mean he was polite and all but he never once flirted with us."

"You're right....I wonder why?" Aaltja said thoughtfully as both girls went into thought about why he didn't flirt with them at all during their stay.

Kouen and Kouha don't say anything but they do share a look that was missed by the girls.

"He probably was busy," Kouen said.

"Yeah but why don't we go somewhere else and I can make up for him ignoring you by listening to as you tell me about your vacation," Kouha said as he walked over to them and linked his arms through theirs.

"Okay! Come with us, Gyoku!" Aaltja said as she linked her arm through Gyoku's and together they headed somewhere more private and quiet.

Kouen and Koumei watched them walk away, Koumei looked at his older brother and said, "You won't be sending them away again, right?"

"No, Kouha was annoying while Aaltja was away, he couldn't focus on anything."

Koumei stares at his brother before he looks away, "And if I remember correctly you were the same way too while Kayami was gone..."



"Come one we have reports to go through," Kouen said as he started to walk away.

"I can't, you just dislocated my shoulder," Koumei said with a straight face.

"Stop lying and let's go...or I'll send Kashira away next time."

It was surprising how a good threat could really motivate someone because that was the faster Kouen had ever seen Koumei move, Kouen watched with a smirk as Koumei quickly headed to the library ahead of his older brother...eager to get started and not have Kashira be sent away by an older brother who was in denial about his feelings for Kayami and whenever it was brought up, he would go for his younger brothers weakness: Aaltja and Kashira.

Girl Talk # 6
Poor Koumei...always being picked on and now that you have someone that you like, Kouen will threaten you by sending her away.

Since Kouha is so short, I figured that a lot of face being pressed against boobs happens a lot when you are as short as Kouha lol

Aaltja isn't mine, she's :iconkannaasa:

Kayami is mine

Magi belongs to Shinobu

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